Guodi  2017 "Canton Fair"

Guodi 2017 "Canton Fair"

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As in the previous years ,We take part in the "Canton Fair" shell we meet there ?

The 123rd Canton Fair in 2017 is the largest Chinese foreign trade fair, which is held twice a year. So far, 123 sessions have been held. This exhibition is the most important and highest participation rate in China's foreign trade industry.
The exhibition also became a multinational trading feast. In spring 2017, the Canton Fair will be held at the Guangzhou Trade and Exhibition Center as usual. The Guangzhou Trade and Exhibition Center is an important gathering place for Chinese and foreign businesses. At this exhibition, the exhibition area reached 38,800 square meters and more than 200,000 visitors attended the event, bringing together 841 companies in 150 countries. During the meeting, the organizing committee organized 50 conferences and professional seminars, 100 well-known scholars attended, and more than 1,000 professional visitors participated.

In this exhibition I would like to share my feelings:bring your customer and you product face to face

Make sure it is a positive experience for you customer but also make sure you collect every feedback and later incorporate it in your overall strategy. Maybe you get some new ideas from you customers, maybe you find out something needs improvement or maybe you’ll find out exactly how much customers love one product in particular. Incorporate the feedback received and improve with every trade show!
No other form of marketing offers the same experience as exhibition. On one hand, your customer can directly interact with your products, ask questions and receive important information right on the spot. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, you’ll be able to get a direct feedback from your customer right away.

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